Video Teleconferencing

Comprehensive Video Conferencing Systems Keep You Connected In Real Time

Today's VTC (video teleconferencing) technology is simply astonishing, giving equal clarity across town or around the globe.  At the speed of light, you can connect with China to discuss production specifications, conduct live training with subcontractors in India or host monthly sales meetings with district supervisors throughout the U.S.  With these highly advanced video conferencing systems you stay connected in real time whenever your schedule demands.

Whether you are updating video teleconference equipment or constructing a state-of-the-art VTC arena, using one source for the entire project can speed productivity and reduce risk.  Infra-Structures employs a team of certified, manufacturer-trained, audio visual professionals.  In addition, staff architects, engineers and master craftsmen give us the unique ability to take your video teleconferencing project from concept to operation.

Suitable for even the most luxurious of offices, video conferencing systems offer creative functionality.  You can cleverly enclose equipment inside beautifully crafted cabinets of solid oak, cherry or birch, or conceal video screens under artwork or behind ingenious sliding walls.  With millwork and metal fabrication designers in-house, we custom design and produce conference tables, ergonomic workstations, command center consoles and more that enhance your current décor.

Intuitive touch screen controls, crystal-clear plasma displays and stylish furnishing make VTC centers as comfortable as they are practical.  From lighting and electrical installation to strategic network integration with CCTV cameras and other systems, your video teleconference equipment can provide multifunctional performance for a number of applications.

Contact us today to discuss the vast array of available video teleconference equipment and how it can increase performance and reduce costs for your organization.



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