NOC Consoles

Retain Complete Control With Fully Integrated Network Operations Centers

When it comes to questions about network operations data center configurations the answer is always, "We do that!"  From custom-designed, adjustable NOC consoles to creating redundancy that ensures survivability of your network operations center, you'll gain complete control of critical processes and departments throughout your organization.

For over 26 years, Infra-Structures has engineered and implemented systems that allow you to:

  • remotely monitor NOC consoles and workstations.
  • accurately troubleshoot network operations center hardware and software.
  • coordinate security measures company wide.
  • update software vital to your network operations.

Data center functionality and user comfort are improved which, in turn, increases productivity.  Across numerous industries, Infra-Structures offers fully-customized, turnkey systems without the use of subcontractors.  This includes:

  • Financial Exchanges
  • Aviation
  • First Responders
  • Government Agencies
  • Telecommunications
  • and many others

NOC Consoles Specifically Designed for 24/7 Operations

When your network operations center runs 24/7, customization challenges can increase.  However, Infra-Structures' innovative designs offer NOC consoles and workstations that fit every body type like a glove. By simply pressing a single button, motorized adjustments are automatically made. Your employees are ensured ergonomic comfort regardless of how many people share a workstation.

Built-in cooling fans, personal storage, easy-care Corian® solid surfaces, superior space-saving designs and more combine with optional cherry wood finishes to create highly functional and beautiful NOC consoles.  Your NOC workstations can be crafted in laminates, Corian®, wood, metal or any combination thereof.

Whether your project consists of a newly constructed facility or an upgrade of your workstations and computer equipment, you'll have Infra-Structures' full-service staff on your team.  Design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of your network operations data center will unfold at the hands of skilled professionals who focus on creating an environment inherent to mission-critical operations.

Contact us today and speak with a representative who can guide you to the exact solutions best suited to your unique organization.



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