Multimedia Environments

We integrate technology, design and ergonomics.

Our team of designers, engineers and programmers has worked together for 20 years to create critical operating environments or command and control centers. We have experience in system engineering, integration, programming, installation and maintenance in the field of electronics and computer networks.

  • We create flexible, functional facilities where computers, networks, audio visual equipment, communications hardware, lighting, heating and cooling systems, and furniture blend to become high-performance, made to order critical operating environments.
  • We provide technical, integrated media services consultation and offer maintenance support and service agreements throughout the lifecycle of the installed equipment.

We obtain certification and training.

Our full-service multimedia/audio visual staff, certified by manufacturers, industry-related organizations, and associations, are qualified in design, projection system installation, sound system engineering, master control systems programming, display wall installation and maintenance, video teleconferencing (VTC) integration, and network processing systems, administration and management.

We are certified by:

  • International Communications Industry Association (ICIA)
  • Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA)
  • Imaging Sciences Foundation (ISF)
  • Synergistic Audio Concept (SYN-AUD-CON)
  • THX

We integrate multimedia electronic environments with:

We have well-established relationships with hundreds of manufacturers as a representative, dealer or distributor. A partial listing includes: AMX, Barco, Clarity, Crestron, Draper, Extron, Inline, Jupiter, Panasonic, Planar, RGB Spectrum, Stewart, Sony, Tandberg, THX, Triad, and Vicon.

We deploy technology to critical operating environments.