Information Kiosks

Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosks Inform… Engage… Alert

Two of the key benefits of digital signage are a reduction in long-term expense and real-time integration with wireless technology.  Less costly than fixed posters or signs that require expensive graphics and printing, interactive kiosks easily integrate with PDAs, cell phones, BlackBerrys, fax machines and more.  This gives you the ability to remotely access and program notification systems, emergency management systems and others with customizable messages directed only at those who have a need to know.  Whether used for disseminating information or alerting the public of potential threats, interactive kiosks are now a primary means of getting your message across. 

Interactive Kiosks Speed Communications In Every Industry

As a kiosk manufacturer, we have the capability to design and produce digital signage and interactive kiosks to meet the needs of every industry and government agency.  High-resolution imagery - with or without sound - can blend discreetly into the background or make a dynamic visual impact to gain attention. In addition, Infra-Structures' custom retail kiosk design gives you the capacity for 24/7 operations with reduced manpower costs while directly or indirectly generating passive revenue.

Remotely programmable, interactive kiosks and digital signage are perfectly suited for:

  • emergency management systems
  • event announcements
  • self-check in at airports
  • arrival and departure announcements at airports
  • frequently changing information
  • and more.

Plus, custom retail kiosk design lets you incorporate branding into:

  • automated banking (ATM)
  • self-serve purchasing or check-out
  • and others.

Because we're the kiosk manufacturer and not just a middleman distributor, we produce and ship our own kiosks.  You get delivery from Infra-Structures as fast (or faster!) than most off-the-shelf products.  And, you can custom design the function and style of every kiosk. Manufacturer specifications can easily change to accommodate your every need because we are the manufacturers.

Contact us today and let us show you the amazing flexibility information kiosks can offer.  From airline check-in to mass emergency alert notifications, kiosks help support and improve what you already have in place by delivering results everyone appreciates!



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