Display Systems

Video Walls And Display Systems Provide All the Information You Need In Real Time

Flexibility and the ability to work with your team are two vital attributes you should look for in any vendor. However, the ability to ask the right questions trumps other qualities, especially when creating video walls and other information display systems.

The Five W's of Display Systems

The purpose of your information display system dictates which equipment will be needed. For instance, consider the following questions:

  • WHO will control the information feeds for the display systems? Should they be programmed for limited access or special security clearance?
  • WHAT type of data will be displayed on the video walls? Static or moving? High or low resolution? Graphics, words or numbers?
  • WHEN will the video walls be used? Will they be part of your daily operations or only activated during times of emergency?
  • WHERE will the information display systems be used? Public areas? Corporate settings? Government agencies?
  • WHY are display systems needed? Is there another, more affordable and practical application - such as information kiosks - that might serve the same purpose?

Ask the wrong questions and you may end up with a system that doesn't support your current goals or future growth.
At Infra-Structures, we rely on 26 years of experience in working successfully with prominent organizations to guide our steps in bringing about the success of your project. We've completed extensive undertakings for:

You'll find everything you need from complete audio visual system integration using the most technologically advanced equipment to completely customized, ergonomic trading desks, NOC workstations and command center consoles. Infra-Structures tailors specific solutions that deliver instant access to all the information you need in real time. Whether you work in:

  • financial exchanges
  • aviation
  • emergency awareness
  • aerospace
  • broadcasting
  • security
  • corporations

… or any other industry, contact us today for detailed information on having experienced, credentialed designers, engineers and craftsmen custom design video walls and other information display systems for you.



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