Dispatch Furniture

911 Dispatch Furniture and Custom Consoles Manufactured To Your Specifications

All 911 command centers operate in the moment and on the edge.  There's usually little time for anything other than tunnel vision for the task at hand.  Such intense 24/7 environments require control room furniture that's able to endure harsh treatment.  In our opinion, there wasn't anything on the market good enough for our clients.  That's why Infra-Structures began designing and manufacturing custom consoles, 911 dispatch furniture and other types of control room furniture. 

Individualized Quality Control

Individually inspected, each piece of 911 dispatch furniture must pass stringent quality control standards prior to shipping.  These custom consoles are particularly well suited for 911 dispatch centers, but work wonderfully for your:

Our master craftsmen use the latest technology,  longstanding commercial millwork and metal fabrication techniques.  This ensures aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically correct designs that stand up to exceptional wear and tear.  It also guarantees control room furniture that fits any body type.

Compatible With Every Body Type

Innovative in design and construction, 911 dispatch furniture from Infra-Structures instantly adjusts to fit every body type from a 100 pound, 5' 2" woman to a 250+ pound, 6' 4" man. Electronically controlled, the simple press of a button quickly allows the same console to comfortably fit anyone who staffs the station around the clock.

Your control room furniture is shipped in our own fleet of trucks, further reducing your overall costs and ensuring timely arrival.

We would be glad to provide full details on 911 dispatch furniture and other custom consoles we design and manufacture. Simply contact us today to discuss your needs.


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