Command Center Consoles

Custom Command Center Consoles Help You Make A Difference

Medical centers, 911 dispatch, utilities, stock exchanges. Practically every industry has mission-critical activities that require communication through text and audio-visual feeds in order to succeed. In these emergency command center environments, there is no room for mistakes… and no room for systems that don't function flawlessly on demand. Understanding the importance of what you do and the impact your job has on countless others is the first step Infra-Structures takes when developing command center consoles for your organization.

Turnkey Emergency Command Center Creation

From concept to installation, you'll find project management professionals who diligently oversee every aspect in the creation of your command center. Custom consoles and workstation systems are manufactured in our own facility allowing for reduced cost, higher quality, faster turnaround and precise customization. Dispatch tables can be built to specifications without long delays. The design, installation and configuration of local area and wide area networks is provided in-house by experienced and certified engineers and programmers. Computer monitors, communication uplinks, architectural renovations, lighting, electrical… everything needed to conceptualize, plan, design, build and launch your emergency command center can be provided by one source: Infra-Structures.

For Whatever "Mission Critical" Means To You

Customer service call centers, computer tech support, transport dispatch centers and others play vital roles in the ongoing lives of people across the globe. We offer the same attention to detail and experience when creating a command center environment for every client we serve.

For a full explanation of the vast array of products and services Infra-Structures offers, contact us today. Let us show you how we can best deploy numerous proven technologies to your emergency command center or other critical operating environment.

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