Call Center Operations

Custom Data and Call Center Operations Systems From One Single Source

When speed of response is crucial, you need guaranteed full integration of every system within your operations center. Those working in mission-critical environments simply have no time to wonder about reliability or system conflicts. Every aspect of your call center and data center operations must function with surgical precision because lives are on the line. Infra-Structures understands how vital communications are in crisis coordination and mitigation industries. What's more, we address emergency responders, homeland security, disaster response, utilities and many others with custom solutions that integrate flawlessly with existing systems.

Turnkey Operations Center Design and Installation

With customized, turnkey solutions from Infra-Structures, your data and call center operations center will be engineered and installed on time and within budget. Every aspect of your project will be tightly managed - from concept to operation - guaranteeing the control of resources and the reduction of risk.

Just as FedEx® and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) did, you will have assurance in our well-established partnerships with some of the most impressive names across multiple industries. We are certified by and partner with:

  • International Communications Industry Association (ICIA)
  • Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA)
  • Imaging Sciences Foundation (ISF)
  • Synergistic Audio Concept (SYN-AUD-CON)
  • THX
  • Clarity (by Planar Systems)
  • Draper
  • Sony
  • Vicon
  • and many others

In addition, you'll have a full-service staff of professionals working on your team to design, install and service every element of your call and data center operations systems. This includes architects, designers, engineers and project managers who understand and plan for your need of redundancy and encryption.

You'll also work with skilled technicians experienced in audio visual system integration, video surveillance equipment, NOC consoles, VTC (video teleconferencing) and other operations center equipment. Plus master craftsmen in millwork and metal fabrication who design fully-adjustable, ergonomic command center consoles, 911 dispatch furniture, display systems and more. We are all devoted to making your electronic environment exceed your expectations.

In industries where time is the enemy, you need a partner who understands and accommodates your every need. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable representative who can provide you with additional information on custom operations center design, installation and integration.

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