Aviation Facilities

We provide cost-effective passenger boarding.

Our affordable, patented Regional Boarding Ramps (RBR) link ground level air terminal buildings to turboprop and regional jets. RBRs cost two thirds less than most passenger boarding bridges (PBBs) or jet bridges. There is no need to add more gates in order to extend terminal capacity.

  • RBRs meet stringent security requirements to keep unauthorized personnel off the tarmac or in the air operations area (AOA).
  • RBRs provide passengers a dry, safe environment in which to board and deplane.
  • RBRs reduce the risk* of costly aircraft damage with:
    • 360 degree operator visibility.
    • one touch point on the aircraft
  • RBRs reduce aircraft turnaround time.
  • RBRs come in three models and sizes -- 30, 40, or 50 feet -- to ease push back and taxi operations.
  • RBRs install in less than eight hours and require no foundation.

Our Commute-A-Walk systems, designed to protect passengers from dangerous hazards on the tarmac, are flexible and fully retractable (to 14 feet) when not in use.

Control tower and operations centers
We integrate security close circuit television (CCTV) systems with ergonomic furniture and consoles to meet 24/7 operations.

Information displays
We design and manufacture flight information (FIDs) and baggage information (BIDs) displays.

Airport workstations
We design and manufacture ticketing kiosks, airport ticket office (ATO) counters, gate podiums and passenger (Executive Club) lounges.

We provide total airport solutions.

*Since 1998, there has been no aircraft damage reported with the use of RBRs.