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Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions Make It Just Like A Real Meeting!

It's something we hear a lot.  And every time a client excitedly says, "It's just like a real meeting," we smile.  Audio and video conferencing systems provide you with a great deal of control over the communications within your organization.  They free you to bring it all together through secure infrastructures that are specifically planned and engineered to meet your precise needs.  High-tech, but amazingly easy to use, video teleconferencing equipment, CCTV surveillance systems and more can be incorporated into the audio visual system integration design for your organization.

But audio and video conferencing offers so much more than a simple video display system.  You can have as much freedom and flexibility as you need.  Audio visual system integration can include fax lines and other telecommunications, the Internet and more to give you the ability to conduct fully operational meetings in real time.

Design, Planning, Installation and Service From One Company

One of the biggest concerns when working with audio visual system integration is the number of different vendors that can become involved. Infra-Structures has found a solution to that frustrating problem: We do it all! And we do it with complete neutrality: never favoring one vendor over another. You get the best solution for your organization that works seamlessly with what is already in place.

Test - Every system is tested and evaluated before we ever offer it to you.

Design - Highly qualified, certified engineers and skilled craftsmen design every aspect of your video display system, audio hookups, conference tables, cabinetry, workstations, video walls and more. From furniture to plasma displays and sound systems, we handle every phase of your project.

Manufacture - Custom millwork and metal fabrication are two of our specialties. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we quickly and affordably produce everything you need from dispatch furniture to command center workstations to conference rooms.

Install - Installation is provided by expertly trained and certified technicians. They constantly attend training events in order to remain on top of the latest developments in audio and video display system technology.

Service - We service everything we sell from electronics to furniture. It is our intent to forge and maintain mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships.

If you have specific interest in particular systems, feel free to click to the pages listed below.

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VTC (Video Teleconferencing) Systems
Video Display Systems

For additional information or to speak with a professional who can provide details about Infra-Structures' vast offerings, we invite you to contact us today.


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