American Airlines
JFK International Airport, Jamaica, N.Y.
1998 – present

The American Airlines Terminal 8 Project was designed to replace operations handled by two outmoded facilities. Begun in 1998 and scheduled to finish in 2008, this $1.3 billion, 2.2 million square foot complex spans 110 acres with 55 gates throughout 3 concourses. The contract value exceeds $18 million and the scope of work includes the following categories: terminal security, flight operations, information display systems, millwork and custom interior components.

Custom-Created Airport Solutions Move Passengers From Terminal to Tarmac

Airports may have certain basic functions in common, however no two are identical.  Operations, physical layout and many other aspects make it necessary for each airport to have a custom-designed air traffic control system command center as well as airport surveillance equipment, information displays, Commute-A-Walk systems, Regional Boarding Ramps and more.  Infra-Structures offers an impressive array of employee and passenger solutions designed and manufactured expressly to meet your needs.

Affordable, Flexible Regional Boarding Ramps and Commute-A-Walk Systems

With extensive flexibility and affordability, Infra-Structures' Commute-A-Walk systems and patented Regional Boarding Ramps enhance security while providing comfort for your passengers.  Designed for ease of use, there's no need to add gates to extend terminal capacity… adding an affordable Commute-A-Walk or Regional Boarding Ramp is all you need.

Because we design and manufacture each system to your specifications, your cost is two-thirds less than with most others.  Both offer innovative features.

Commute-A-Walk Systems: Perfect for commuter planes at smaller airports because they:

  • are fully flexible and retractable - takes up only 14 feet when not in use.
  • protect passengers from tarmac hazards and inclement weather.
  • assemble in sections of 20-25 feet to various lengths. 
  • are made of durable, weather-resistant canvas and stainless or cold rolled steel material.

Regional Boarding Ramps (RBR): An excellent choice for regional airports, RBRs:

  • meet stringent security requirements keeping unauthorized personnel off the tarmac or in the AOA.
  • offer 360-degree operator visibility for reduced risk.
  • have only one touch point to minimize aircraft damage.
  • install in less than eight hours with  no foundation needed.
  • are available in three models and sizes - 30, 40 or 50 feet - give you easy push back and taxi operations.
  • reduce aircraft turnaround time.
  • keep passengers safe and dry.

Contact us today for complete details on the benefits of Commute-A-Walk jet bridges or patented Regional Boarding Ramps.

Air Traffic Control System Command Center Equipment

Moving at a hectic pace dictates extreme flexibility in every area of air traffic control. System command center consoles, ergonomic control room furniture designed to fit every body type, integration of CCTV cameras and more are available to help create a highly functional environment conducive to the non-stop, 24/7 pace you must work within. There are few jobs more stressful than air traffic control. System command center environments from Infra-Structures give you an affordable way to provide comfortable surroundings and top-of-the-line equipment so your people can successfully meet the demands of their jobs.

Airport Surveillance Equipment

With the current state of affairs, both passengers and aviation employees are on guard. Fully integrated airport surveillance equipment makes the job of providing a safe and secure environment easier and more efficient. CCTV surveillance system that is incorporated into your existing infrastructure provides instantaneous, accurate information for airport surveillance. Equipment and control room furniture plus everything else needed to provide effective security is available with one call to Infra-Structures.

Also ask about interactive kiosks, airport ticket office counters, gate podiums, passenger lounges and more when you contact us today.

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